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Please note: If your kit will be for more than one child, there is an additional charge of $5 per child. This is because each child gets his or her own dinosaur fossil to keep. Please be sure to select the correct price in the option list below.

What Will Come with The Lost Notebook?

The first Adventure Kit is called The Lost Notebook. It's perfect for the dinosaur fanatic(s) in your house. The kit comes with a small dinosaur skeleton encased in plaster (one for each child), a small, highly distressed composition book (the Lost Notebook of the title), a customized, full-color story book, with pictures of your kids (that you provide), and instructions on how to set the whole thing up.

The first stage of the adventure is hiding the notebook where your kids can find it. Maybe in a park, or in your own backyard.

When the kids find it, they will see entries by Dr. Joseph Leidy, the father of American paleontology, who traveled far and wide discovering dozens of new species through fossils. Inside the notebook is an entry describing his discovery of a small cache of dinosaur bones. Noting that the sun was going down, he didn't have time to remove the fossils himself, but, made notes and a map in his trusty notebook, so that he could return later.

As he walked back to his lodgings for the night, unscrupulous bandits, thinking he'd found something of monetary value, stole the notebook!

Without his notes, Professor Leidy was unable to locate the fossils again. They've remained the source of local legend, encouraging generations of kids to go hunting.

And now, your very own kids have found the notebook! And just like in the story, there is a map! And, not only is there a map, there's a little drawing of the fossils! Could they still be where he found them?

There's only one way to find out! It's time to go dinosaur hunting!

After your dinosaur hunt, come home to watch your kids carefully chisel away the rock to find dinosaur bones, just like a real paleontologist.

Your children or grandchildren will enjoy piecing the bones together and telling everyone about their extraordinary adventure.

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